When it comes to your landscape, the right light can make all the difference.

At Kline Bros., we have years of experience providing exceptional landscape lighting design and installation services. Our team has the creativity and proficiency to illuminate your property for a stunning, polished look and an added level of security.


Schedule a Free Onsite Assessment Now for Complete Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation Services in Medford, Long Beach Island (LBI) & Throughout South Jersey!

  • Residential landscape lighting design
  • Commercial landscape lighting installation
  • LED waterfall lights/Pool lighting design


From helping you develop an outdoor lighting design concept to providing complete landscape lighting installation services, Kline Bros. can assist with all your landscape lighting needs. We can even provide energy efficient outdoor lighting!


Why landscape lighting design?
  • Beauty: Outdoor lighting creates an elegant ambiance, surrounding your property with a dramatic glow and showcasing your unique landscaping features.
  • Prestige: Professional landscape lighting design distinguishes your home from the others.
  • Security: Outdoor lighting design does more than just beautify your property; it also helps to defend against theft and trespassers. Set timers to keep your property well-lit even when you’re away!